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about angela

Who Is angelaeweiler?

angelaeweiler is an author from lancaster, pennsylvania. you can find her penning poems and short fiction between running her small businesses and keeping two tiny humans, one large dog, and 38 houseplants alive. 

angela is currently completing her bachelors in creative writing, and the odds are pretty great that she's listening to a fantasy novel audiobook or extremely niche podcast at any given moment. 

view her latest work here

the frog in the pot

arriving december 2022

angelaeweiler is excited to share her first published work coming this winter, "the frog in the pot".

the poetry collection explores themes such as divorce, abuse, religion, relational dynamics, grief, femininity, trauma, and mental health struggles; but ultimately the poems are woven together to tell the author's story of healing and redemption after loss. 

when you find yourself in hot water, the only choice is to leap.

Image by Sincerely Media


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