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Thanks for being willing to review The Frog in the Pot. I hope you enjoyed your welcome goodies!


The review links will go live below after the book is officially published on May 25th; please have your review posted by June 15th. For now, enjoy reading!

Prefer digital?

Here's your free ebook version of The Frog in the Pot.

Stuck on the review?

The best review is an honest review. I'd love to hear what you honestly thought about the book! If you're still feeling stuck, here are a few things you can write about.

  • What was your favorite poem/section of the book?

  • What was your least favorite poem/section of the book?

  • What was your favorite spread of pages? (Maybe include an image too)

  • Did you enjoy the illustrations? 

  • What was the book about?

  • What did a certain poem remind you of?

  • Are you likely to recommend this book to a friend? If so, what kind of person would like this book?

  • How did you feel while reading?

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